Lisa Grue graduated from the Design School of Denmark in 2001, where she studied illustration, fashion, and fine art.

She started the creative platform Underwerket in 2002, and she has carved quite a name for herself and Underwerket with her work, illustrating and doing graphic design for books, fashion and design magazines, as well as fashion labels.

Lisa has garnered applause — along with occasional outrage — with her sublime cocktail of zany ideas, superbly ambiguous humor, in-your-face attitude, and poetic femininity. Fashion and beauty magazines, T-shirt brands, and fashion and publishing houses have all taken notice of her original work. Lisa/ Underwerket is an especially active personality in the Danish design environment, appearing in several exhibitions in Denmark and Europe. Lisa was recently honored as one of the new design talents of Denmark, with a grant from the National Art Foundation of Denmark.

Lisa’s strong work has steadily brought her attention around the world and can be seen in several international books on illustration and design.