LULU* is an internationally acclaimed illustrator, working in the fields of fashion, advertising, animation and editorial design. She combines digital and hand-drawn elements to evoke poetic high-style contemporary imagery.

After graduating from the Cologne International School of Design in 2000, she pursued further studies at the fashion department of the Universität der Künste Berlin/The Berlin University of the Arts. She would then experience San Francisco and Bern, California, before moving to Berlin in 2001 to set up her studio.

LULU*s work has been featured in both the US and internationally, published in books like: Illustration Now! fashion from Taschen Verlag, The Beautiful: Illustrations for Fashion and Style from Gestalten, in collaboration with Berlinverlag, etc.

Selected clients:
Givenchy , Bulgari, Bloomingdales, Time, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Universal Music, Vogue Pelle (Italy), Vogue Nippon, Madame (Ger), AD (France), Frau (Japan), Tush Magazine, Clarins, Holt Renfrew, Weleda, Designhotels, Glamour, DDB (France), Vitra, Vespa, Swarovski, Pantene, Verve, etc.