Sebastien Roux aka SUPERDEUX was born and raised in the south of France, worked and studied in Paris and currently resides in Lille, France.

SUPERDEUX began his career as a designer over eight years ago, working in interior design for two years and later developed his career in multi-media design. In 2001, he launched his career as a freelance graphic designer. He currently produces work in motion graphics, character design, identity design and toy design. Urban pop culture and its ever-changing faces are the inspirational elements for his project development and designs.

SUPERDEUX’s work has appeared in books and magazines in France, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, the US and Canada. He has worked in collaboration with talented forces including Phunk Studio, 123Klan, Stardust, Genevieve Gauckler, Bill McMullen, Staple Design, Interspectacular and Pictoplasma to pursue his goal of exploring various mediums of communicating the urban sensibility.