Miho_S, Miho Sadogawa was behind the creative venture of Erotic Dragon and was an integral member of the mothership Furi Furi Company since its founding. Her style is marked by a unique fusion of Japanese pop sensibility and the ethnic traditions of various other Asian cultures.

Her work has been featured in the “Always” print advertisement campaign for Procter&Gamble in many major women’s magazines. In 2003, Miho was commissioned to illustrate the cover and one of the fairy tales for GRIMM, a contemporary version of the Grimm fairy tales published by Die Gestalten Verlag.

From 2004 –2005, Miho went on to work even more closely with Die Gestalten in creating Life of Buddha, a visionary book project for which Miho took on primary design, illustration and story development duties. The book was based on the classic tale of Siddhartha’s path to becoming Buddha and was deftly illustrated throughout with Miho’s visuals.

An avid fan of Ingress, Miho was discovered by John Hanke, the founder of Niantic, Inc. In 2014, she worked closely with Ingress to provide her artworks for their promotions and merchandising projects.